10 January 2012

The Dead Walk

                                         On Saturday, I felt really bad. It hurt to move my head.
                                          [Nope, this is note my excuse for being all MIA recently, that, I apologise for]

                    So my Mother suggested that we go for a walk. Y'know, just a short one to, make me feel better.
                                                                     So I agreed. 

About 10 minutes into the walk, I was starting to wonder where we were going, so I asked. I was told we were going on a ramble. I remember sighing to myself, thinking; oh great.

             My opinions where far changed when we came across an old derelict farm house, that had obviously been subject to neglect after a fire. I hoped It was abandoned, I felt like I was in the Doctor Who episode, Blink. I could feel my excitement levels drastic rising as we approached the house. Somehow, I was wishing there where weeping angles in there. Strange.

               We walked over the fallen Harris fencing, my Mother choosing the safe option of staying out of this, while me and Mark explored the ruins. We stepped through the crumbling archway, onto the carpet of rubble.
The room to the left of me had a fantastic window, in which mystic ivy clawed its way around. You could see upstairs from this room, but no way of going there. There where no stairs nor a floorboard to stand on, so I returned to the hallway. The small room to my right was the height of thrills. Painted in blood red on the wall above a no longer existing fireplace, where the words 'THE DEAD WALK'. By this time, my Mother had come to join us, tingling with excitement and fear. I didn't sleep well at all after this.

 I really wish I had brought my camera along with me that day. I will surely go there again, so I can share my experiences more visually with you all, as they really are something to look at. The back yard was not a let down either. A half wall stood with amazing art work upon it. With even one message that read: The only thing the future is good for is a time machine. Which naturally, I loved.

                                   I am planning to go there again soon, so watch this space!

                                 Alanna :)