29 June 2011

Hello again my lovelies, I am really sorry I have not been blogging since the 13 of June, which to me, seemed like ages ago.

There were a few reasons for my bad blogger behavior.  Actually, there was only one....

School. Early GCSEs mainly. So I had to take time of revising and that sort of stuff...
Well, anyway, It payed off! I got a B- In my English exam!

I know it doesn't sound like much, but, Im happy with it.

13 June 2011

Rainy Days & Chocolate Cupcakes

So, now I have 3 fantastic followers, I can post something good!

Well....when i say good....It has been raining all day for 2 days, and oh does the rain fill your senses with a fantastic fragrance, but of course....Its wet. So, I did take some pictures (Of course I did! ) , but i couldn't stay out too long, in fear of my camera getting too wet. And what do you do on a Sunday, in which you cant go out?

BAKE!! :) Hence the title, we baked Chocolate Cupcakes! Om-nom-nom-nom!


Happy Blogging!

Alanna :o)

11 June 2011

My first follower.

Whoohoo! I have finally got my first follower! Don't forget to follow her too!


Today it was meant to rain....according to the weather people...me and my friend, Rheanne, where going to go to the beach. Today we got up late because we thought it was going to rain...well guess what? It was a warm and sunny day! Thanks to the weather people we couldn't go to the beach...but we sure had a fun day anyway!

Happy Blogging!

Alanna :o)

10 June 2011


Hello fellow followers ( and the people who do not have a blogger account ), I am Alanna, hence the title, and seeing as this is my first post, i will introduce myself to you.

First thing you should know about me; I love ducks! Yes, you read that right! Ducks. Anything to do about waterfowl grabs me by my heart and pulls me closer. I find their little beaks and their webbed feet charming.

Secondly, I have a passion for photography. I got my first DLSR when i was twelve, but as soon as i could talk I would always ask people if i could use their cameras.

I will post more as soon as I get a follower, I dont really want to be posting loads when no one is reading it it, do I?

Have a nice day!

Alanna :o)