20 July 2011

he shimmered in the sun, his eyes alive in gold

Okay, so i don't really have an gold frog, but wouldn't it be cool if i did?
I would call him Tay, and we would conquer the world together!
And he would look something like this:
Wondering where i managed to find a golden frog? Well, i cheated, im afraid Photobucket is to credit.....
 Im sorry for the not-very-good-post, im afraid im out of ideas, plus, my two Little peachicks are keeping me more then occupied.

Well thats all for now,

Have a nice day!

Alanna :)


  1. I think that a frog would make a very cool pet... especially a golden frog! :)

  2. Thank you for commenting! :) I actually had two frogs as pets before, that were a special breed that lived mostly underwater, so that they could live in a tank with fishes. That was a long, long time ago though.


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