9 September 2011

Hubby, my amazing dog

This is my beautiful dog, Hubby. Short for Hubble.
He got his unique name from  the Hubble telescope, and from this film.
Being a terrier, (Border / Lakeland) he loves to dig and chase after things. Fortunately, he only chases after mice and wild birds, leaving my other 100+ pets alone.

And I love him dearly. I mean, what is there not to love?

He teaches me to be contented.

He teaches me to have fun

He teaches me to be a punk.

He teaches me to listen

He teaches me to believe.

He teaches me calm

He teaches me to be creative

He teaches me to be happy!

He teaches me friendship

But most of all, he teaches me to love <3

Do you have any pets? What do your pets teach you? I would love to know!
There is even a special place for you to tell me below.

Have a nice day!

Alanna :)

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