11 September 2011

you're a model of freedom

I would like to introduce you to me dear friend, her name?
Well, I like to call her the yonder, the deep blue, the revolving mystery,
the sea.

Although her and I are close friends now, It has not always been so.
Once, a very long time ago, we had not know each other. Her and I were never seen together. In fact, I would not even go near her. I was truly terrified of her.

All this commotion settled down, and all the people accepted that we were just not men't to be.
All the people that is, except two wonderful souls. 

Now, at the time, I was travelling with a small family circus, that happened to be staying in Britain's Quintessential Seaside Town for and extended time.

The two wonderful souls were also staying with the same circus.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, they took me to the beach to meet the sea. They introduced me to her slowly, and by the end of the day we were best friends.

Thank you Claire and Donna, for giving me a new experience, hobby and friend.

What is your experience with the yonder? Are you her friend or her enemy?

Have a nice day!


P.S   I almost forgot, another peachick has hatched! Shes with her mother at the moment enjoying freedom. Oh I do hope she survives! She did have a sibling, but we got there too late, as the poor critter was dead. :(

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  1. The great Oceania is my friend - but I harbor an immense respect for her that can sometimes overwhelm me and could therefore be construed as fear.
    Many a great moment has been had in my life that she has shared with me.
    Enjoy that friendship.


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