3 October 2011

Tasty Zest

                                                                 Hello my lovelies!

Many apologies for my lack of posting recently. I have been caught up with the usual; school. *Frowns*
            Anyway, to make up for this, I am posting my first ever recipe, here on Feather Happy!

                                                         Can you guess what It is by the title?
                                                            Its the wonderful Key Lime Pie!

This has to be the most easy and delicious pie ever to make.
Plus, you only need 6 ingredients.

Here's what you will need for the filling:
Half a cup of key lime juice(5 regular limes) 
Three big egg yolks
1 can (14) of sweetened condensed milk

What you will need for the crust:
About 20 Digestive biscuits, crushed
3 table spoons of sugar
4 table spoons of unsalted butter, melted 

Firstly, crush the biscuits with a roller.  

                                     Then, add the crushed biscuits into s mixing bowl, then add the sugar.

Melt the butter, then add to your bowl.

Then stir.

Put the crust in the bottom of your tub. Pat lightly. 

Now for the filling :) 

Cut the limes into halves, then squeeze out the juice into a cup.

Now carefully separate the yolk from the whites. Put them in a separate bowl.

Add the condensed milk.

              Mix together in bowl. Put the crust in the bottom of your tub. Pat lightly. Then pour the filling on top.

I will finish this post later as I am currently being chucked off the computer, sorry!

- Alanna :)


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